Welcome to BUSTA ๐Ÿ‘ฝ
The next generation iGaming + DeFi platform on BSC with a multi-token crash game and built-in DEX
BUSTA is a next generation GameFi platform and DEX built on Binance Smart Chain.
It is an enormous and ambitious ecosystem which will soon be populated by multiple games and tokens. Accompanied by it's own niche DEX with customisable smart contracts for every token, Staking pools, Affiliate and Partner programs, and DAO, it is truly unique in it's intricately weaved architecture.
It is capable of huge horizontal and vertical growth and expandability, while keeping all profit cycling within the ecosystem itself and managed by the community via the DAO.
Alongside all that is an ever-expanding universe of characters, backstory and lore to add to the fun and immersiveness of the ecosystem - did someone say Banalien T-Shirts?
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