Instead of using another AMM / Router like PCS for liquidity staking and trading of the $BUST token, BUSTA is using its own DEX. This enable BUSTA to set a 4% swap fee on all trades of $BUST made on the platform, similar to transaction taxes for other popular tokens such as SafeMoon
Since this fee is handled at the AMM / Router level instead of built in to the token properties, it allows the $BUST token to be easily listable on any centralized exchange without any extra effort from them to implement a transaction tax at the other end
Our automated fee manager smart contract includes multiple protocols designed to utilize this swap fee to perpetually increase the value of $BUST over time as people trade. In future, the swap fee could be under control of a DAO, meaning $BUST holders could vote to adjust how it functions and reduce it if desired
To support the DEX, an info site have been created to offer additional real time DEX statistics