For BUSTA to achieve its lofty goals, five major components were developed. Together these core fundamentals represent a circular ecosystem where everyone benefits. One or two of these components by themselves could (and do) still function as a standalone assets. However as both the iGaming and DeFi space is already littered with single / limited utility platforms, it made sense to build an ecosystem promoting enhanced utility
The BUSTA ecosystem is designed where asset benefits the other and as each asset increases in popularity, the ecosystem as a whole will prosper. Some notable features include ongoing buy and burn pressure for both $BUST and partner tokens, as well as an ever increasing bankroll for higher winnings from BUSTA games
Here are the five primary components of BUSTA:
  • BUSTA GAMES - Beginning with BUSTA's first game "BUSTA CRASH" in July 2021 and expanding with more games as we grow (BUSTA DICE about to launch Q1 2022)
  • Generic BEP-20 Partner Token Support - This custom designed technology enables partner tokens listing on the DEX to have their tokens playable in BUSTA's games (BUSTA CRASH to begin with)
  • BUSTA DEX - Our own custom built niche DEX and yield farm for trading and staking BUST and our partner tokens
  • Self Listing Partner Portal - Token partners can list their tokens on our platform to enjoy constant burn pressure provided by our automated revenue collection and distribution flows
  • Affiliate Program - A three-pronged approach to growing our user base through referral links where both the referrer and referee can benefit from a constant stream of passive income
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