BUSTA's initial game "BUSTA CRASH" was inspired by the original BTC crash game bustabit.com​
Since 2021, the game has received many new features and polish. The finished product has almost been realized, with development set to pivot to maintenance from April 2022 Generic BEP-20 support is arguably the most important feature recently deployed. This offers any BNB Chain based project listing their token on BUSTA DEX to play BUSTA CRASH with that token
BUSTA recently released its second game "BUSTA DICE" Q1 2022. It was deployed alongside BUSTA's new iGaming platform, which also hosts a link to BUSTA CRASH. The iGaming platform itself will play host to any future games released (including partner games)
A key factor with all of BUSTA's games is that they are provably fair, generating a small amount of revenue for the platform thanks to the House Edge. The House Edge is then distributed throughout the ecosystem via smart contracts, which benefits both $BUST and partner token holders. Further details in the "Revenue Collection" and "Revenue Distribution sections"
All BUSTA developed games draw winnings from the BUSTA Bankroll. This Bankroll pool was initially fully funded from the presale in 2021. It is also topped up from a portion of the House Edge, and by our users staking BNB into the bankroll pool for further direct yield BNB rewards
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