🏦 Bankroll

The bigger the bankroll, the bigger the winnings

The BUSTA Bankroll is a pool of funds that is constantly used to pay out the winners of our games, and constantly funded by the losses. The bigger the Bankroll, the more the players of our games can win.

Initially the Bankroll will be funded from the funds raised through the private sale and IDO. After the IDO is complete and staking is live, users will be able to stake BNB into the Bankroll pool to increase the Bankroll available to the games. Users are incentivised to do this through standard farming rewards. It doesn't end there though...

On top of the user staked Bankroll funds, 25% of the House Edge from the games and 25% of the Tx Tax from the DEX will automatically go to the DAO Treasury, where some or all of it will then be sent to the Bankroll pool. Meaning as long as there is trading volume on the DEX, and people playing our games, the Bankroll pool will be constantly increasing in size, and our players will be able to win higher and higher jackpots.

With the complex tokenomics behind the scenes to incentivise BNB staking, we're aiming for our single token BNB pool to become one of the highest yield BNB pools available on BSC.