​DogeBets is a peer to peer wagering dApp hosted on BNB Chain. DogeBets provides accurate and fair price prediction gaming
Simple rules to play! Will the price of BNB go UP or DOWN over the next 5 minutes? Wager BNB to win BNB. Choose correctly and claim your prize
How to Play
1. Connect wallet to the DogeBets platform 2. Navigate to “Next Round” and choose UP or Down 3. Choose your bet size and select “Place Bet” 4. Wait for the next round to start 5. Watch the price on the “Current Card” to see the price movement of BNB 6. When the timer reaches zero, the round ends. 7. Check the results on “Previous Card” to see if you won! 8. Claim your prize on “Previous Card” or on the History page
Note: It might be necessary to use “Connect” button provided by DogeBets to play the game. Some wallets will only work with WalletConnect on mobile platforms
✅ Audited smart contracts ✅ Real-time price updates ✅ Refunds on all tied rounds ✅ Live player support ✅ Community created automated betting bots ✅ 1% lifetime referral rewards
Last modified 9mo ago