BUSTA CRASH Walkthrough Guide

Playing and winning in BUSTA CRASH is easy. But players must understand a few things about the way it works
Placing a Bet: Players can place wagers by entering the amount of BNB they wish to use for the game. Aside from manually inputting the wager amount, there are an additional three options to choose from;
  1. 1.
    ½ Button: Clicking the ½ button wagers half of the entire balance to the next round
  2. 2.
    2x button: Clicking the 2x button doubles the previous bet
  3. 3.
    MAX button: Clicking the MAX button wagers everything in the BUSTA CRASH game wallet
Placing a bet
There are two additional ways a player can eject all bets (as well as the corresponding multiplier achieved) before the next round. The first option is through Manual Eject. Manual Eject means the player will be an active player during the round. They will witness the launch and see possible winnings increase as the Banana Rocket takes off. The player is responsible for pressing the eject button before the rocket explodes. If the player successfully ejects, they will receive the winnings. If not the corresponding wager will be lost to the game
Another way to play is using the Auto Play feature. This option allows a player to set a target multiplier before the round starts. The player will automatically be ejected to safety if the rocket reaches the predefined target multiplier
Manual and Auto Eject Options
Whilst playing, players may want to keep an eye on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is reset each round and displays the player, their wager and most importantly what multiplier they ejected at
BUSTA CRASH Leaderboard