Frequently Asked Questions about BUSTA

Q: Wen BUST Airdrop? A: The airdrop of the new BUST token will happen immediately after completion of the IDO, which is scheduled for late July or Early August

Q: Wen launch? A: Current schedule - BUSTA CRASH Beta release playable with real BNB before end of July. IDO and main BUSTA platform release August 17th

Q: Is it safe from exploits? A: Our platform is built by a highly experienced team of developers with many un-exploited BSC-DeFi projects in their portfolio. The code will be professionally audited and public ahead of launch, open to extreme scrutiny. The chance of a code exploit is highly unlikely, but we have additional safegaurds in place anyway - including storing the majority of player funds in a secure cold wallet

Q: How do we know you won't rug? A: There are two main types of rugs - code exploits and douchebag developers running off with the funds. As alluded to above, we essentially can't rug with a code exploit, but could we run off with the funds? Given the safegaurds around the storage of funds it would take the collusion of multiple team members who would then be hunted down by the rest of the team, not to mention the authorities. Plus, given the amount of time and effort we've put into this project and the potential revenue it can generate, it would be ridiculous to run off with the funds and ruin our retirement plan :)

Q: Why buy and hodl BUST? As long as BUSTA has trading and playing volume, the BUST token will be perpetually bought and burnt, meaning - NUMBER GO UP. See here for a more thorough explanation: Earn with BUST