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Gamify your token and have it perpetually burnt through our House Edge smart contract
On day one, BNB will be the only token used to play and to be won in the BUSTA CRASH game. However, we will be actively looking for partners who want to have their token added to the game as another playable token or incorporate it into our ecosystem in other ways.
In fact, our system is being designed in a way where anybody can add any BEP-20 token themselves (if fees are paid to the DAO), just like when adding new coins to PancakeSwap. This will help โ€˜activateโ€™ multiple token-communities as โ€˜listing on BUSTโ€™ will make the game playable with their coin, which because of our House Edge distribution model will apply constant buyback and burn pressure to the partner's token - who wouldnโ€™t want that!?
Along with a listing fee, the partner will also need to provide a certain amount of their token for the initial bankroll, and for farming rewards to incentivise their token holders to stake their tokens to increase the bankroll.
Once our governance, proposal and voting platform is fully realised, a potential partner will be able to submit their listing application as a proposal that the BUST community will vote on. The acceptance or rejection of the proposal will come down to what the partner is offering and how much sway they have over the BUST community.
Beyond this protocol of adding partner tokens to our games, we also have various other partnership opportunities available that will be mutually beneficial for both BUSTA and partners in terms of increasing utility, exposure and value of our respective tokens, but we'll keep those to ourselves until they're closer to release.
See the below partner brochure - still a work in progress but the majority of the info is there and final.
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