🙏 Presales & IDO

Private and Strategic Presales and the Multi-Platform IDO launch plan

We are now holding both a private sale and a strategic sale prior to the IDOs. The IDOs are scheduled for later August 24th after the MVP game release which is currently expected late July 2021.

These raises will provide funds for the following:

  • Continued development of the ecosystem and subsequent games

  • Liquidity provision for the BUST-BNB and BUST-BUSD trading pairs

  • Any funds beyond the Pre-Sale (ie Net of the IDO funds raised), will go towards:

    • 40% for the iGaming Platform Bankroll

    • 40% for additional Liquidity in BUST/BNB and BUST/BUSD AMM pools

    • 20% as straight BNB farming rewards for various pools (including the BUST single token pool)

Multi-platform IDO

Considering the scope of the BUSTA ecosystem, we made the decision to host multiple IDOs simultaneously. Currently we have two IDO platforms confirmed and they are:

Starter - Decentralized fundraising for Binance Smart Chain

Cyberfi Samurai - New era of capital funding for the future of defi