Revenue Distribution
This is how the various revenue streams are used to add value to the BUST token and ecosystem
On the BUSTA platform, revenue from the Swap Fee and House Edge are utilized in a way that best incentivizes buying and holding/staking the BUST token. The fees are split via the following 4 protocols:
  • Staking and Affiliate Rewards
  • LP Acquisition and Lockup
  • Token BuyBack and Burn
  • DAO Treasury and Game Bankroll
The chart below shows the distribution of revenue given the percentages set at launch. These values are variable and will be available for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to change after launch.
To further illustrate the revenue distribution model, the chart below is laid out assuming $1,000,000 in daily play volume and $1,000,000 in daily trade volume. This would result in each of the four protocols collecting $15,000 per day.
Revenue distribution assuming $1M daily play volume
And for those who want to see exactly how it all works behind the scenes, we've tried to combine all relevant info into the flow chart below - which wasn't easy! It's a little hard to see the detail here in the GitBook but you can download the full PDF, or just be teased with the image below:
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