iGaming Platform
Overview of the BUSTA iGaming platform.
Due to the abundance of iGaming platforms out there, it's hard to be unique. We however can confidently say that BUSTA is the exception to the rule - no one else has done or is doing iGaming the way we're doing it :)
Our iGaming platform is the hub of all our games, starting with our first game that inspired the whole project: BUSTA CRASH.
Once BUSTA CRASH is up and running with some polish, we'll begin developing our second and third games and although we're not fully committed yet to what they'll be, at least one of them will probably involve some dice...
We're building the platform from the ground up with massive expandability in mind, expecting that after we've built our second and third games, more will follow at a rapid pace with other iGaming studios getting involved. Further to that, although the primary playable token in all our games is BNB, some - or possibly all - of our games will also be playable with partner tokens.
A key factor with all our games is that they will all be provably fair, and will all generate a small amount of revenue for the platform in the form of the House Edge. The House Edge is then distributed throughout the ecosystem via smart contracts to the benefit of the community and BUST token holders. More on that under the Revenue Collection and Revenue Distribution sections.
All of our games will draw their winnings from the BUSTA Bankroll. This Bankroll pool will be funded initially from our presale, and then be topped up further from a portion of the House Edge, and by our users being able to stake their own BNB into the bankroll pool for direct yield rewards in the form of more BNB. More on that later.
On to the games!
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