Ecosystem Summary
The five pillars of BUSTA
To achieve our lofty goals, we designed BUSTA with five major components that all tie into the core fundamentals of a circular ecosystem where everyone benefits. One or two of these components by themselves could and do still function as a standalone product, but the iGaming and DeFi space is already littered with single/limited purpose platforms with no real utility or without an obvious benefit to their community.
Our ecosystem is designed so that each component benefits the others and as each increases in popularity and volume, the whole ecosystem and our community will reap the rewards in the form of constant buy and burn pressure on BUST and partner tokens, and an increased bankroll for higher winnings from the games - among other benefits.
We'll dive deeper in to each one across the following pages but for a brief summary, these are the five primary components of BUST:
  • iGaming Platform - Beginning with our first game "BUSTA CRASH" in July 2021 and expanding with more games as we grow
  • Trading and Staking Module - Our own custom built niche DEX and yield farm for trading and staking BUST and our partner tokens
  • Affiliate Program - A three-pronged approach to growing our user base through referral links where both the referrer and referree can benefit from a constant stream of passive income
  • Partnership Portal - Partners can list their tokens on our platform to enjoy constant burn pressure provided by our automated revenue collection and distribution flows
  • Degenerator DAO - Our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) that will allow our community to control the majority of the ecosystem through governance and voting
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