Affiliate Program
Increasing our user base by offering perpetual commission revenue streams for affiliates
Our affiliate program is designed so that anyone providing an affiliate link for new BUSTA players, traders and stakers, will automatically receive commission rewards everytime someone who joined via their link does any of the following:
  • Loses a game round to the house
  • Makes a trade on our DEX
  • Claims any staking rewards
This is great for casual users to get a little commission here and there from inviting friends, but affiliates with large social followings are easily able to create lucrative passive income streams that will last indefinitely so long as the game has players and the token is traded and staked.
Check it out here: https://dapp.busta.gg/referralโ€‹

Affiliate Payouts in Depth

Affiliates who invite friends and/or followers to participate in the BUSTA ecosystem have the ability to earn in three ways. For the sake of simplicity we will refer to the person who was brought on via affiliate link as the "friend".

1. Friend Loses to the House Edge

BUSTA games are set to have a 1% house edge. With BUSTA Crash that edge is taken 1 in every 100 games on average through an immediate crash at a 1.00x multiplier. When an affiliate's friend is playing the game and gets caught in a 1.00x crash, the affiliate will receive 12.5% of the total bet lost to the house.

2. Friend Makes a Trade

When an affiliate's friend joins the BUSTA ecosystem and decides to make a trade, the AMM/Router will take a 4% Tx Tax on the transaction. This fee is distributed through the protocol with 1/8 of the 4% fee, better stated as 0.5% of the transaction, going to the affiliate.

3. Friend Claims Rewards from a BUST Liquidity Pool

Providing liquidity on BUSTA FARM for yield is a large part of the ecosystem. When an affiliate brings on a friend who earns yield in a BUST pool, the affiliate profits as well. At the time that the friend claims rewards, 5% of the claimed amount is also given to the affiliate to collect. This 5% is taken out of a special affiliate reward pool instead of out of the friend's rewards, so the affiliate gains the extra tokens without the friend losing anything.

Everyone Benefits

Lastly, it's not just the affiliate who earns these rewards but also the friend, with a 90/10 split (90% to the link provider, 10% to the friend). This makes it more beneficial for anyone new coming to the project to join via an affiliate link than just jumping straight in as if they don't join via a link then those bonus rewards just go to the BUSTA treasury instead.
Last modified 2mo ago