Trading and Staking Module
The DEX and Yieldfarm side of BUST

Trading / DEX

Shortly after the initial conception, it became obvious that we wanted to have a Yieldfarm module incorporated into the ecosystem. Once that was decided, we started looking at the possibility of adding our own DEX (Decentralised Exchange) and it came down to the simple question of pros vs cons. It wasn't hard to see that the more we keep within our own ecosystem the better it is for our community. From there, BUSTA SWAP and BUSTA FARM were born.
Instead of using another DEX like PancakeSwap for liquidity staking and trading like most other tokens, we are using our own. This gives us the ability to have a 4% Tx Tax (Transaction Tax) on all trades of BUST made on our platform, similar to other popular tokens like SafeMoon etc. that have the Tx Tax built into the token contract code. Since this fee is handled at the AMM/Router level instead of built in to the token contract code, it allows the BUST token to be easily listable on centralized exchanges without any extra effort from them to implement a Tx Tax at their end.
Once the Tx Tax is collected, it is sent to a smart contract that includes multiple protocols designed to utilise this revenue to perpetually increase the value of BUST over time as people trade. In the near future, the Tx Tax will be under control of the DAO, meaning BUST holders can vote to adjust how it functions. We'll dive deeper into all that later under Revenue Distribution.
Another huge advantage to the Tx Tax being taken from each trade via the AMM/Router instead of built into the contract code is that our users don't need to worry about paying the Tx Tax each time they create or break BUST LP tokens, or send BUST tokens from one wallet to another. The Tx Tax is only taken from trades on our DEX, and once the token is listed on multiple exchanges and trading volume begins to move there to avoid the Tax, we can simply decrease the Tax percentage in response to the market.

Staking / Farming

To facilitate trading BUST on our own DEX, we have two BUST LP pools: - BUST/BNB LP - BUST/BUSD LP
These liquidity pools will be initially filled with liquidity through our presale/IDO raise but will be primarily added to through user deposited LP tokens. Users who deposit LP tokens will be rewarded with either BUST, BNB, or both, depending on the final farming tokenomics.
We will also have a single token BUST pool, and a single token BNB pool that's directly tied to the Bankroll.
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