BUSTA DEX Breakdown
Fully customisable swap fees and distribution for every token
At its core, BUSTA DEX is a UniSwap clone built initially on BSC (soon to be on ETH and Polygon), with one major difference compared to other DEXs โ€” instead of having the same swap fee for all tokens and burning the DEXโ€™s native token from the fees, BUSTA DEX allows each token to choose its own swap fee and what that fee is used for, from the following options:
  • Return to LP providers
  • Auto-burning of THEIR token (not the DEXโ€™s native token)
  • Auto-adding liquidity
  • Sending funds to the projectโ€™s treasury wallet
Projects can set their swap fee as low as 0.03% right up to as high as 99.9% if they really want.
Then they choose how much of that fee goes towards auto-burning their own token, auto-adding trading liquidity for their pairs, sending a % to their chosen treasury or charity wallet etc., and returning some of the fee back to the LP providers.
They can adjust this at any time in the future too, so they donโ€™t have to hard-code a transaction tax into their token contract. This saves them from having trouble listing on centralized exchanges, and the fees their users have to pay for wallet to wallet transfers and creating/breaking LP tokens.
Trading on BUSTA DEX is a lot like trading anywhere else, the major difference is the specific swap fee for each token. Our first 2 listed tokens have chose the following fee structure;
APEcoin โ€” 4% total swap fee, distributed as;
  • 1.5% auto-burn APE
  • 1.5% auto-add APE-BNB liquidity
  • 0.4% return to LP providers
  • 0.5% sent to the APE Treasury
  • 0.1% to BUSTA DAO
MFRM โ€” 2.5% total swap fee, distributed as;
  • 1.5% auto-add MFRM-BNB liquidity
  • 0.4% return to LP providers
  • 0.5% sent to the MFRM Treasury
  • 0.1% to BUSTA DAO
Weโ€™re excited to see what the next ones choose!
Last modified 4mo ago
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