BUSTA DEX Walkthrough Guide

The BUSTA DEX Swap Guide

A simple walkthrough showing how you can purchase on BUSTA DEX today!
For this walkthrough we are going to be assuming you have a funded Binance Smart Chain wallet. If you do not, no worries click the links below to begin.
Once you've arrived on the BUSTA DEX landing page, it should look exactly as it does above. Note: If you are completing this process on mobile, you are going to have to access this page through the wallet browser.

2. Connect your Web3 Wallet

On the top right corner of the screen you should see the "CONNECT" button as displayed above, click this button.

3. Select Your Wallet

Select whether you are using Metamask or TrustWallet to pair to BUSTA DEX. After selecting, you will have to sign a message in your wallet to confirm the pairing.

3. Select Your Swap Tokens

After pairing your wallet, you should see your wallet address in the upper right corner. From there you are free to select the token you'd like to swap from and what you want to receive.

4. Select Your Swap Amount

Once you have your tokens selected for the swap, alter the amount you would like to spend or receive.

5. Confirm your Swap

Finally, read through the transaction details and confirm your first swap on BUSTA DEX!
Thanks for completing your first swap on BUSTA DEX - We can guarantee it won't be your last!
Last modified 3mo ago
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