Roadmap Update 06-09-2021
    Launch BUSTA CRASH
    Launch BUSTA DEX
    Begin marketing campaigns
    Raise funds via private sale and IDO
    Reach 4K TG members and 8.8K Twitter followers
    Fix all deposits and withdraw issues for good!
    Add chatbox and auto-play
    Incorporate playing with partner/BEP-20 tokens
    Decrease lag time for pushing the play/eject button
    Various misc UI and QOL improvements
    Add sound
    Add play to earn and competitions
    Add charting and per-player/per-round information
    Add charting and info for BUST and partner tokens
    Activate the BNB staking rewards
    Improve price bot
    General bug fixes and UI/QOL improvements
    Give partners the ability to embed / iFrame our swap interface so their holders can trade from their site / dapp without going elsewhere
    Add lottery and trade to earn features
    Add partner listing portal for self-service calculations and listing application
    Automate the fee distribution
    Go multi-chain!
    Reach 20K TG members and 20K Twitter followers
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