Transaction Tax
Ecosystem revenue from trading BUST on BUSTA SWAP
Router swap fees and Tx Tax (Transaction Tax) in token contracts are nothing new, but we can proudly say that we are the first platform in DeFi to implement a Tx Tax at the AMM/router level.
Through our liquidity pools of BUST-BNB and BUST-BUSD LP tokens, users can trade either BNB or BUSD for BUST and vice versa. Each time a trade is made, 4% of the total amount purchased or sold is automatically taken as the LP tokens and sent to the Automated Tx Tax Manager smart contract.
This means that if a user trades $100 worth of BUSD for BUST, the user ends up with $96 worth of BUST instead of the full $100, and the remaining $4 is sent as BUST-BUSD LP tokens to the Automated Tx Tax Manager.
For those of you who are DeFi veterans this Tx Tax will be no surprise, but those new to the space may feel cheated, having to pay a tax just to trade BUST. Just remember that any market trade on any exchange whether a CEX or DEX will have a swap fee, and depending on the liquidity available for the token you are wanting to buy or sell, you will often end up selling lower or buying higher than originally planned.
Further more, as you will see shortly in the Revenue Distribution section, the Tx Tax is sent straight back into the ecosystem to benefit all BUST holders.
Lastly, as mentioned before, once the BUST token is listed on multiple other exchanges and trading volume starts to move there instead of on our own DEX, we can simply reduce the Tx Tax to relation to the market.
Last modified 3mo ago
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