House Edge
Ecosystem revenue from the iGaming platform
As with any iGaming platform or casino, there will always be a House Edge - a percentage of all bets that go to the house (game owners). House Edge percentages vary greatly from game to game but we have landed on 2% to begin with for BUSTA CRASH. This 2% is adjustable through proposals/voting via the DAO.
The method of House Edge collection will vary in future games, but for BUSTA CRASH it's a simple case of on average, out of every 100 game rounds played, 2 of them will crash immediately at the 1.00x multiplier, meaning everyone loses their bet. The rest of the 98 game rounds proceed as normal with the random crash multiplier.
Each time the house wins a round by crashing at 1.00x, the total of all bets for that round are sent to the Automated House Edge Manager smart contract and then distributed from there, as seen in the Revenue Distribution section.
Having a low House Edge of 2% means the average win rate for our users is 49% which is considerably higher than most iGaming platforms and games. Given the low running costs of an iGaming platform and the nature of DeFi, 2% is still enough to fund the platform and add consistent value-add to the BUST token and ecosystem.
Last modified 2mo ago
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