Token BuyBack and Burn
Providing perpetual buy and burn pressure for BUST and partner tokens
In order to generate consistent value for BUST token holders, the BUSTA platform has an automatic distribution model where 25% of revenue collected from the BUSTA platform Tx Tax and House Edge is automatically used to buy tokens from the open market and send them to a burn address. This constant buy pressure will help to keep a steady price increase for BUST and the burning permanently removes those tokens from the circulating supply to increase scarcity.
On launch day, the purchase of tokens will be split 60% BUST, 20% MFRM, and 20% APE, as per our partnership arrangements with MemeFarm.io and ApeCoin.dev.
As with many aspects of the BUSTA ecosystem, this buyback & burn revenue percentage and split is adjustable via a proposal and vote from the DAO / BUST community, once our governance platform is live in 1-3 months after launch.
Using the example of $1,000,000 of betting volume and $1,000,000 of trading volume per day, the fee manager contracts would receive $40,000 from the Tx Tax (4%) and $20,000 from the House Edge (2%). $15,000 of that (25% of $60,000 collected in total) would go to buying back BUST from the open market and sending it to the burn address every day where it will be gone forever!
Last modified 4mo ago
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