Staking and Affiliate Rewards
Providing additonal rewards for our users via staking and referring through our affiliate program
To help boost the farming rewards / yield of the staking pools, and to provide more incentive to our affiliates, 25% of both the Tx Tax and House Edge is automatically sent to the BUST-BNB and BUST-BUSD LP pools, the single token BUST and BNB Bankroll pools, and to our affiliate reward program. Initially these staking and affiliate rewards will be a mixture of BNB and BUST, though they can also include partner tokens.
The 25% of rewards is then split into either Staking Rewards or Affiliate Rewards depending on whether the users generating the rewards (through trading and playing the game(s)) joined via an affiliate link or not.
Affiliate Rewards If the user who generated the fee joined via an affiliate link, 50% of the rewards go to the affiliate link provider's and the user's reward claim portal. The other 50% go to additional Staking Rewards as per below. If the user who generated the fee didn't join via an affiliate link, 100% of these rewards go to the additional Staking Rewards.
Additional Staking Rewards Initially, the rewards for staking in the LP and single token pools will come from the BUST and BNB farming contracts where the emission rates and total amount of tokens and rewards is predetermined. To further incentivise our users to stake their tokens in our pools, these additional rewards are sent as a top up to the farming contract to increase the APR / farming yield above the predetermined emission rates.
This way, as the game(s) betting volume and DEX trading volume increase along with the platform popularity, the farming rewards will increase too - meaning the total yield from farming will most likely increase as opposed to decrease after the initial launch.
Last modified 5mo ago
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